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Backgammon Online

Backgammon, also known by several other names such as trick-track, kosha, backgammon, tavla, and shesh-besh, is an ancient game that originated over 5000 years ago somewhere in the East. The country of its origin has not been definitively determined by historians, but there is a legend that claims that Indians, doubting the intellectual capabilities of Persians, sent them chess, hoping they wouldn't be able to master it. To their surprise, not only did Persians easily master chess, but they also invented backgammon, the rules of which even the cleverest Indians couldn't decipher for twelve years.

This entertainment was popular in many countries worldwide, each having its own name for the game. The rules that gamers follow today were established in 1743 by an Englishman named Edmond Hoyle. Numerous clubs exist where backgammon enthusiasts happily play. Currently, tournaments dedicated to this game are held in major cities worldwide. One of the most famous tournaments takes place in Azerbaijan and is known as the "Golden Dice." The winner of this competition receives dice made of pure gold as a prize.

The internet provides users with the opportunity to play backgammon online. A wide range of mini-games, where players can compete against the computer, ensures that they never get bored. Moreover, players don't need to search for a real opponent since computer simulators make excellent opponents, helping players gain experience. The fact that you can play backgammon online for free is an undeniable bonus.

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Learning to Play Backgammon Online is Easy

The game is played on a rectangular field consisting of two parts, each with twelve points (elongated triangles). Players move their checkers along these points. Each player has 15 checkers, one set in white and the other in black. The color of the checkers doesn't affect the game. The player who makes the first move is determined by the dice rolled. The dice, or cubes, have points ranging from 1 to 6 on their sides. They determine the number of moves a participant can make. Sometimes each player has their pair of dice for the game. You can play backgammon for free online right now, regardless of the time of day.

The game has many variations, with the most well-known being long and short backgammon. Let's go through the basic instructions you need to know to play backgammon online:

  • Two participants take turns making moves.
  • The direction of the checkers' movement is different depending on the type of game but always circular.
  • Before making moves, opponents roll the dice. The points obtained determine how the move will be executed.
  • After making a move, a player can make up to 4 checker movements. The player moves them depending on the points rolled on the dice. For example, if 1 and 3 points are rolled, the player moves one checker to point 1 and another to point 3, or the same checker first to point 1 and then to point 3. In case of a double on the dice, the points are multiplied by 2, and the player can make four movements at once.
  • Once all checkers are in the home board, they need to be borne off the board. Players bear off their checkers when the number on the dice matches the point where the checker is located.
  • The starting arrangement of checkers depends on the chosen type of game.
  • The victory goes to the player who first bears off all checkers from the board. A draw is only possible if the "Draw" option is selected in the game settings.

Play Backgammon for Free

In online play, winning is considered more significant in such scenarios:

  • Mars - points for winning are doubled when the defeated player hasn't borne off any checkers, and the winner has already borne off all checkers beyond the board;
  • Home Mars - all checkers of the defeated player are in the home board, while those of the winner are beyond the board;
  • Cox - a player has one or more checkers that haven't left their starting position, and the opponent has successfully borne off all checkers beyond the board.

Backgammon Online Without Registration Day and Night

Let's start with the description of the short backgammon game. A step-by-step understanding of the information below will make it easy to learn to play.

The match is played by two players. The opponents' task is to be the first to move checkers into the home board and then bear them off the board. During a backgammon match online without registration, opponents make moves depending on the numbers rolled on the dice. Whites move clockwise, and blacks move counterclockwise. A checker can only be placed on a point where there are no opponent's checkers. The player must use both numbers rolled when there is an option to do so. When there's only one number to play, the player uses it. A participant skips a turn when unable to make a move.

A blot is a regular point occupied by a single opponent's checker. When an opponent's checker lands on this point, it is considered hit, and the checker is moved to the bar. The player's main task at this moment is to load the checkers located in the opponent's home board during the game. The player rolls the dice and starts playing, moving according to the numbers rolled.

After a participant brings all 15 checkers into the home, they bear them off the board. When bearing off, the following can happen:

  • A checker on a point with the same number as the one rolled on the dice leaves the board;
  • A checker moves from a higher to a lower point in the home board;
  • The player hits the opponent's checker while moving through the inner field.

You don't have to use only computer simulators for this type of entertainment; you can find a live opponent online and play with them.

Playing Backgammon for Free is Easy and Convenient

You can play backgammon for free online, even in a variety like long backgammon.

Their main differences from short backgammon are:

  • Starting arrangement;
  • Even if there's only one opponent's checker on a point, putting a checker on it is prohibited;
  • A row of 6 checkers blocks one opponent's checker;
  • Checkers move in the same direction for both players.

Believe me, this exciting game online will be no less interesting and entertaining than in real life. Be sure to read the rules and basic provisions. In addition to our project, you can also play online backgammon on the Gaming Club website, where over a hundred different games, including backgammon, are presented in stunning quality.