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Long backgammon online

Board games have not lost their popularity in our fast-paced age. If you want to learn something new and useful, so that your mind works while your soul rests - we recommend learning to play backgammon. The rules of the game are not too complicated, but it is necessary to read them before starting the session.

Each player uses 15 chips of the same color, and a board, marked in a special way, and two dice (cubes) are also required.

In long backgammon, the rule of the first move belongs to the one who gets the greater number of points on the dice thrown beforehand; for this, the participants throw 1 die each. Then the game itself begins, opponents take turns throwing two dice and look at the number of points that came up. The pieces will be moved the same number of points. If 4:6 comes up, it means that one chip can move 4 points forward, and the other one can move 6 points forward, or one piece can move 10 points forward.

Длинные нарды играть бесплатно

If a double is rolled, for example, 5:5, the participant makes four equivalent moves with the chips he chooses. Long backgammon online has the same rules as the more familiar, at least in previous years, offline variety.

You cannot skip a move in backgammon, except when there is simply nowhere to move.

Playing long backgammon for free is interesting and not difficult

So what distinguishes this variety from no less popular short backgammon?

  • Firstly, the starting position.
  • Secondly, the direction of movement: in short backgammon, opponents move towards each other.
  • You cannot place a chip in a point if there is an opponent's piece in it. In short backgammon, this can and should be done.

On our website, everyone can play without registration. For convenience, expand the game to full screen, so the board on the computer will be closer to real sizes and you will see everything clearer.

The direction of movement of the chips in backgammon depends on the chosen variety. In long backgammon, it is counterclockwise. Both opponents move in the same direction. The winner is the one who first completes a lap around the game field and moves his pieces out of its bounds.

If you decide to learn to play at the level of a first-class athlete, first carefully study the rules, then familiarize yourself with the existing tactics and strategies for combat - you can easily find this information in online resources. Backgammon is a subtle and moderately complex game, but studying theory and multiple practice sessions will definitely bear fruit.

Everyone will enjoy playing long backgammon

You need to calculate your moves and be vigilant from the very beginning. Even the first few minutes can affect the results of the game. Experienced players advise maintaining a balance between the positions of your pieces at your head and your opponent's head, trying to capture as much territory as possible. One piece may stand at your head, but you must definitely move another one towards your opponent's head, so you will protect your rear, but at the same time confidently advance.

Those who are familiar with backgammon firsthand probably have their own strategy, tested by time and won games. However, we also know this formula: "Study, study, and study again," and in this case, we fully agree with it.

Novice backgammon players often make the following mistake: they only look at their nearest move. But you need to calculate and anticipate the opponent's moves, only then you can win even against a professional.

On our website, you will get online what you were looking for: high-quality graphics, a menu in Russian, the ability to customize the entertainment to your liking, and invite the same enthusiasts for reflection. To add a certain amount of adrenaline, experiment with bets - you can increase them without risking anything, because they are made in a special game currency FUN. And here is another site where there are long backgammon, which we can confidently recommend besides ours.