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Short Backgammon online play for free

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Backgammon has been known to the world since time immemorial. Historians attribute the invention of this game to the Arabs, but with slight modifications, it spread worldwide. Even in modern times, the game has not lost its popularity and has not lost its fans. The entertainment has been recognized as a form of sport. Backgammon players from all over the world participate in international championships and tournaments. A lot of literature, newspapers, and magazines dedicated to backgammon are published. Enthusiasts of the game dedicate a lot of time to training and studying its strategies and secrets. Also, you can find short backgammon, including the online Caucasian variety of this game, at the Gaming Club, which besides backgammon offers over a hundred games.

Короткие нарды

To win, a player will need both luck and experience, skill. With a single roll of the dice, a participant can either disrupt the opponent's winning position or save a game that previously seemed hopeless. The rules of backgammon are easy to learn, so it seems that the game is simple, but in reality, it is not. Only through deep study can one understand the long list of strategic possibilities it possesses.

The game in question belongs to board games, requiring a board, dice, and thirty checkers. The entertainment is designed for two players. Initially, the gamers throw dice and, according to the points rolled, move their checkers around the board. The winner of the game is the participant who managed to return the checkers home and then bear them off the board first. That's the goal of the game.

The field where the match takes place consists of four quadrants, each containing six triangles, called points. On one side, two quadrants belong to one player, and on the other side, to the other. The home and the outer board are separated by a line called the bar.

Playing Short Backgammon Online is Accessible to Everyone

Experienced backgammon players act on the principle of active moves that are maximally beneficial for them and uncomfortable for the opponent. Rarely does it happen that a participant makes an absolutely right or wrong move. Each action usually has both positive and negative consequences, as much depends on the points on the dice, that is, on luck. However, it can be argued that skill in the game plays a paramount role. Among backgammon enthusiasts, the proverb "The dice do not forgive mistakes to the player" is popular for a reason.

Usually, backgammon players in short games adhere to two of the most common strategies: the race strategy and the holding strategy. However, there are many more tactics used in matches.

Playing Short Backgammon is Exciting and Engaging

Starting a game, both opponents throw the dice. The points rolled on them determine who will have the right to move first.

The rules of the game state that the checkers must be placed in a specific order: 6th triangle - 5 checkers, 13th - 5, 8th - 3, 24th - 2. In short backgammon online, not only beginners but also experienced gamers prefer to play, using this game mode as an opportunity to practice. The game of short backgammon involves moving each player's checkers in a circular manner but in opposite directions.

Instructions for Playing Short Backgammon Online for Free

The basic instructions for playing backgammon when using the online mode:

  • In online backgammon, checkers move from triangles with higher numbers to lower ones.
  • A player is not allowed to place their checkers on a closed point, where there are already 2 or more opponent's checkers.
  • The number of points on each die is a separate move, but they can still be combined into one. For example, when the dice show numbers 2 and 1, the player moves either different checkers or one checker, but immediately by 3 points.
  • During online play, rolling a double allows the player to double the number of moves. For example, a double 5 - 5 allows the participant to move four times by five points.
  • When there is an opportunity to move, the player must do so; refusal is not allowed, even if it is not beneficial.
  • During a game of backgammon against a computer, when there is only one checker left in the opponent's point, the opponent can hit it and send it to the bar. After that, the second participant's obligation is to return the checker to the game board first. If this cannot be done, the player skips the turn.
  • After the checkers are in the home board, the player starts bearing them off the board. They throw the dice and move the checkers by the number of triangles equal to (or less than) the rolled points.

Short Backgammon for Free on Our Website

With the current level of development of computer technologies, you can play backgammon without leaving your home. The online mode allows you to do this, regardless of the time of day. And on our website, users can also play for free. Anyone who wants to play at the same time as you can become your opponent. Short backgammon is a game for intellectuals who enjoy thinking through each of their actions and building strategic plans.